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You Don’t Need a New Logo

by sam on March 02, 2011

John Deere vintage

You need a better product. A flashy sign out front or a cool header on a website doesn’t mean anything if what you sell sucks.

People don’t by iPads because of Apple’s logo. Craigslist doesn’t even have a logo. People don’t walk into Starbucks because a mermaid beckons and JCPenney can use all the lowercase letters it wants but people still prefer Amazon. Borders didn’t fold because it never found the right look.

Spend your time doing something awesome instead of drawing.

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4 Responses

  1. Derek Jensen says:

    Make something that works and is useful as Jason Fried would say. Worry about the details later for your own pleasure.

  2. Good point, Derek. Fried also says you shouldn’t be giving away anything for free – while I believe the freemium model can work, I agree that if something has value, you should feel comfortable charing a premium for it. Seems like with all of the folks out there giving everything away, Fried is very much in the minority…

    • Derek Jensen says:

      I strongly feel if you aren’t able to add a premium value to something instead of giving away everything then you are missing the boat. Even though Fried is the minority. He is probably going to be setting the trend of the strong minority.

      • Agreed 100% – and there’s room for both. We blog here often to share ideas and provide a resource, but we also know where to draw the line and what to offer as a paid service rather than free advice. The latter is what we truly pour the majority of our time and energy to – if you’re focusing on the free, your missing the opportunity to perfect those things people will you for.

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