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Give Me A Dance Break

by Amy Ashida on March 04, 2014


For me there are few things more stifling than the after lunch lull. For some reason creativity often comes to a stop after an intake of carbs. I just get stuck and stop challenging myself when the caffeine from the morning’s coffee runs out. The after lunch lull isn’t just in my head though, it is a pretty common downfall for all of us.

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Creating the Space for Ideas to Thrive

by Kate Mason on February 25, 2014

CeCe Caldwell UYB

I found myself racing to the Proof office the other afternoon. Not because I was late to a meeting or behind in work. But because I couldn’t wait to settle in with my co-workers and just talk. Who does that? In all my past jobs, I never recollected rushing to get to my tiny cubicle, […]

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Tomorrow Brings the Potential to Do Something Great

by Matt Cheuvront on February 20, 2014

Seth Godin on Tomorrow

At the start of every client project, we sit down for an initial face-to-face workshop with day one focusing on high-level brand position, and day two diving deeper into the creative and technical. We kick things off with a 90 minute "discovery" conversation - learning where the brand has been and what it has taken to get where it is today. Then a shift happens and we move our minds toward what can be - what should be - and where the brand wants to go.

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