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Stopping to start.

by Andrea Jacobs on April 22, 2014


Today, we're embarking on our second Vision Quest. We are taking the next two and a half days to close our laptops and close our doors to clients to focus on what makes Proof move us. We are heading south to Chattanooga, out of our comfort zone, and breaking away from the day to day.

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Uninhibited Creativity

by Matt Cheuvront on April 17, 2014

Uninhibited Creativity

Note: We deeply apologize for the confusion on our part in taking credit for work that was not our own. The original design and print is credited to Erik Marinovich and can be found here: ——– We’re a creative firm. We encourage brands to think ”outside of the box” - acting strategically and creatively planning to best position […]

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I am an Amateur

by Brit Jarreld on April 08, 2014


I would much rather be an amateur than a professional. I pursue my craft in the spirit of lifelong learning, looking to think or reimagine something differently. Take a chance, follow a whim, experiment and always try something new. In this process of not following the "norm" I make new discoveries. I am an amateur.

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