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I am an Amateur

by Brit Jarreld on April 08, 2014


I would much rather be an amateur than a professional. I pursue my craft in the spirit of lifelong learning, looking to think or reimagine something differently. Take a chance, follow a whim, experiment and always try something new. In this process of not following the "norm" I make new discoveries. I am an amateur.

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One Chance.

by Andrea Jacobs on April 03, 2014


In the remote world the way we communicate is everything. We are forced to communicate wisely or we will not be heard. Sure, the message will be delivered, but we also need to consider the receiver on a deeper level so we're heard how we're intended to be heard.

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True Grit

by Kate Mason on March 25, 2014

The goal is not to live forever.

As artists and writers, we pour our souls into our work, whether it's in a photograph, on a canvas, or from our laptop. There will be critics and naysayers who won't understand our vision and will try to bury our work. But we stay up until the early morning hours, coffee-fueled and ragged, to perfect what we believe in. That's determination. That's grit.

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