Who We Are

Fueled by passion, creativity, and a lot of strong coffee.

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Matt Cheuvront


Have you seen that episode of Saved by the Bell where Zack and the gang camp out at the mall for U2 tickets? Matt has, about 47 times. With a background in branding, marketing, and design, Matt understands that the best brands start with a compelling story. Matt’s helped countless companies, organizations, and individuals think creatively, act strategically, and grow with purpose.


Andrea Jacobs


Understanding that great brands are cohesive, consistent, and creative, Andrea is an absolute pro at getting things done, and done well – handling every detail of implementing process, collaborating ideas, and ensuring your brand stays on track with its big dreams and strategic goals. Andrea is the resident coffee master at Proof, and can usually be found carrying at least three Moleskine notebooks.

Amy Ashida

Amy Ashida

Graphic Designer

Amy’s eye for design runs in the family. Following in her father’s footsteps, Amy understands that compelling design is at the heart of every great brand. With a skilled creative eye and a deep understanding of design integration, she meticulously crafts how brands are identified, recognized, and embraced across platforms. Basically, Amy makes things look really, really, really good. Yes, really.

Brit Jarreld

Brit Jarreld


Brit has been designing before you knew what ‘good design’ was. Alright, she’s not that old, but with years of experience in the creative world, Brit has the uncanny ability to visually articulate brands in a compelling, engaging, and often pretty sexy way. Brit is passionate about UX, web, and illustration, and seamlessly weaves creativity and strategy into beautiful design experiences.

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Our Core Values



We build meaningful, lasting relationships and unite in our mission to artfully tell your brand’s story.


Be Honest

We build a ‘safe place’ for ideas to thrive. We’re honest and direct. We expect you to be as well.


Focus On People

We work with awesome people. Every project we take on is useful and makes the world a better place.


Keep it Simple

Simple is beautiful. Simple is clear. Simple is effective. We cut through the clutter and get to the point.


Go All In

We believe in every project we take on. We dwell in possibility. Your success is our mission.


Have Fun

We love what we do. This shines through in every conversation, every line of code, and every brand we build.

We explore. We collaborate. We learn. We care. We hustle. We believe every business – organization – & individual has a compelling story to tell.